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Friday, April 8, 2011

Will HRT use Mercedes Engines Next Year?

As I was typing up the last post showing the free practice times (given that the official site - cough cough - won't allow you to copy and paste which is daft when you think that these times are in the public domain - I don't mind about the rest of their content) - back to my story!

I was typing in HRT and after that the relevant engine manufacturer Cosworth (Class engines, class engineering, great F1 history) when I remembered that HRT had now done a deal with Mercedes to use their spare wind tunnel - the other one that's just lying around at Brackley.

That made me sit up straight!  The little braincells started pinging, making connections! Isn't it likely that this (close) co-operation will lead to a Mercedes engine deal for HRT?

I mean, if you're going to be hanging around the place with one of the cool kids it's likely that he'll let you play if you give him your lunch money!

2013, 1.6L, Merc engine in a HRT?  You heard it here first!!!