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Better start dating the snippets section (with the correct month too!):

March 11th 2013

Brilliant piece from Matt Somerfield explaining, with pictures, what the teams want from their cownforce settings

27th February 2013

Joe has a bit of fun at Red Bull's expense: 
a “VIP Trip” for a competition prize winner, turned out to be more like a Carry On film

Nice piece on Darren Heath's photographic exhibition in London, including an interview:
I stuck the camera in and shot quite a lot of film. I had to get away before any other photographers came along because they didn’t know what was in the car,

28th January 2013

"The biggest changes can be seen starting from the middle section of the car. The pontoons that harbour the water and oil radiators will be redesigned. The radiators will be lying flat to improve the aerodynamics. Plus the overall volume of the conduits will be lower"
Marca, the Spanish football magazine has a piece about the 2013 Ferrari.  It's worth looking at if not just for the graphic which presents the new challenger as a fait accompli.

Go straight to to get a climpse into the mind of Gian Carlo Minardi on the Minardi official website.  This is a man whose F1 team always managed to pull off surprise results and always gave good drivers a chance.  Where is the future of F1? Gian Carlo reckons we shouldn't be afraid to take a step backwards in order to secure the future of the sport.

24th January 2013

James Allen on Ross Brawn Brackley Interview


F1 Chief Doctor Gary Harstein - Righteously P@*#ed off


Lovely piece on the Rise of Williams from Motorsport Magazine:
"Back in ’78, for example, we never even saw a wind tunnel, so you were developing aerodynamic things by strapping things to the top of your Minivan"


Always worth reading.  Insightful, informed and expert Gary Anderson explains how a team learns a new GP track

FIA Technical Working Group to clarify issue of returning to the Pitlane after Vettel and Hamilton incidents of stopping out on track after qualifying this year.

Austin Chronicle on the new F1 documentary "1" voiced by Michael Fassbender


Simon Taylor has lunch with Ron Dennis for Motorsport Magazine
Five years later, Ron retains his absolute conviction that the team did not benefit in any way from the actions of one rogue employee, and that at no time up to the point when Coughlan’s actions emerged was he aware of any wrongdoing. “Doubts were thrown on my personal integrity, but it is a simple fact that at every point in time I said exactly what I believed the truth to be. When I was told the size of the penalty that had been inflicted on McLaren, on the basis of what any court of law would deem to be circumstantial evidence, I felt that my only route was to go to the civil courts. But then I was privately told by two members of the World Council that if I did that, the punishment would be increased to a two-year ban. So against the loss of $100,000,000 I had to set the loss of all revenues for the entire team for two years, a far greater sum, and I had to take a pragmatic decision.
“I could never come to terms, and never will, with my belief that a deep injustice had been done. Nor could I, or can I, accept that the magnitude of the penalty was remotely proportionate.

Jonathan Noble at Autosport:
Every great Formula 1 track needs an iconic corner. For Spa, think Eau Rouge (old Spa had the Masta Kink). For Silverstone, think the new Becketts. For Suzuka, think 130R. For Austin, it's Turn 1

Yet the race in Abu Dhabi perhaps captured Lewis’ frustration with his year. He qualified on the pole and had the race by the throat when he pulled up on lap 20 with a fuel pressure problem, his exotic car dying in a turn like some clunker destined for the auto graveyard. Just love the American journalistic stylings!

Even now, these many years later, I can feel fear when I think of that race. Only I knew what I had done, the chances I had taken.
The Nurburgring, you know, was always my favourite circuit, without any doubt. I loved it, all of it, and I think that day I conquered it. On another day, it might have conquered me, who knows? But I believe that day I took myself and the car to the limit - and perhaps a little bit more. I had never driven like that before, and I knew I never would again. 
BBC name Fangio No.2 in top 20 F1 drivers

BBC reports that the FIA have not sanctioned Kimi or Sebastian for their language but have issued a letter to the teams reminding their drivers not to swear during live interviews

Brilliant article from Gary Anderson that deconstructs the Red Bull's upgrade packages

Joe Saward does a nice little article about how much travel is involved in reporting on the Formula 1 season and how much it costs.

Does this mean the end for Kamui?

British Government is criticised over it's failure to boycott the Bahrain GP

Mark Gillan, Chief Operations Engineer, at Williams discusses Korea, India, and the remainder of the Season

Massa remains at Ferrari for 2013