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Thursday, April 7, 2011

HRT to use (SPARE) Mercedes Wind Tunnel

Who knew that Mercedes had a spare wind tunnel at Brackley?  Apparently they're only allowed to use one which left this spare wind tunnel lying around waiting for a saviour.

HRT, not being a team which has any chance of competing with Mercedes this year (probably not next year either), have been allowed to rent it out in order to improve their car.

This is good for us, the viewer, because we'll be able to see just how much more important it is to have wind tunnel time over the improvement of a car dependent on CFD.  This has just made the back of the grid a very interesting place to be on race day.

Call me daft if you like but I'm predicting Virgin to come last in the Constructor's standings at the end of the season, and a significant boost to HRT's performance within...mmmnnnh...4 races?