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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Massa Attack

BBC Sport have put out this interesting assessment of Ferrari, by Mark Hughes, which makes the conjecture that:

"There will be zero psychological support from the team for any Massa attempt at getting equal status with Alonso. Within the team, Massa's support comes only from Smedley and the two are operating as their own little unit within a big picture of Alonso-centricity".

Nice little story about Filipe which comes, eventually, to the same conclusion as I did in my pre-season story.

Kick Nadgers over the course of the season and GET OUT!!  Show what you can do in the car and do a deal with McLaren or Mercedes who would appear to have vacancies come the end of the year with Schumi likely to retire (how many times have we heard that?) and Hamilton whose comments so far in the season shows he's obviously looking to either improve his payday or get into Ferrari/Red Bull/any other competitive team.

Go Massa.