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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fantastic Racing in China

Great drive from Hamilton to win the GP.  Fantastic overtaking all through the race, on his teammate, Massa, on Rosberg, and most importantly on Vettel.

Great drive from Webber to take third on the podium, particularly on his last set of Soft tyres which saw him take just about everyone ahead of him who were on the hard compound.

Massive cock-up from Button which saw him drive into the Red Bull box at his first pitstop, gifting the lead to Vettel and ruining his own race.  What the hell was going on to distract him? Ended up fourth

Good Drive from Rosberg, but Mercedes just got things slightly wrong, with fuel issues and perhaps a strategic mistake.  Fifth.

Good drive from Massa, once again beating his teammate, Alonso, who (if you were watching BBC) would appear to have deployed DRS coming out of the Hairpin Turn 14. Sixth.

Great Race with lots of overtaking going on, most of which, again, seems to have taken place outside the DRS zone.  Sure, some DRS overtaking took place but I think the majority of it came down to tyre choice and freshness.