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Friday, April 29, 2011

F1 News

I apologise for my recent absence but after the last couple of rants you can appreciate that I was questioning whether this Blog was becoming overly political or whether I could focus exclusively on the sport that I love.  Having looked around the more prominent F1 sites and bloggers I've noted that they too have since come out with their expressed opinions that Bahrain should be abandoned, though in somewhat more measured tones.  I shall restrict myself at this point to saying that I await the decision of the sport in this matter.

On a proper F1 note I'm delighted to see Jenson jumping into early negotiations with McLaren for his future career.  He's said he wants to finish his career with the team and sees himself retiring when their partnership ends.  Way to go Jense! I don't think there's any question as to who's got the upper hand in your new contract negotiations.  Seriously though, I do think he's taken the right option here.  McLaren are one of the Big 3 and as such cementing your relationship with them at the peak of your earning potential is the right way to go.  Just remember Damon and Williams in 1996!

 F1 Fanatic has a story where Heidfeld has said he's not a fan of DRS.  If you remember, Rosberg was extolling the virtues of the system last month (BIG FAN, best innovation ever!!).  I'm with Nick (not Nico) on this one who simply said "I don’t particularly like things which artificially aim to improve racing”.

While you're on their site they've also put a story out that Patrick Head is going to spend more time at the factory and less at races in order to try to improve the reliability of the Williams - even going so far as to say that they may take out the KERS in order to improve their racing.  I'm a fan of Patrick and Williams and I hope they pull it together.  Question - Did they ever install the Flywheel KERS that they had developed into this years car or are they running with the standard system?

And finally for today, it would seem that the 2013 engine issue is back on the table with a number of sites covering the story from a number of angles.  BBC have gone at it from a Bernie/Todt/FOTA/Ferrari angle while Autosport have done a piece with Renault Boss, Eric Boullier.  Personally I think that my piece from April 15th is far superior (just kidding guys!).

OK there is one other piece which is a little bit of fun and put F1 back in my good books today. F1B's Negative Camber (or NC if you like) made me want to link you into this.