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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

F1 Malaysia

Apologies for the delay in updating.  Normally I'm on the ball after the race, but with visitors at the weekend and an unbelievably nasty cold I've neither had the time nor the inclination to open the computer up, not to mind write a Blog.

Still suffering the cold but was really hyped by the race.

Incensed might be the other word of the day.  What did Malaysia prove to me?  that DRS and KERS and acronyms of that nature, are not in the best interests of the future of F1.  It's all about track design.

There was loads of overtaking going on in Sector's 1 & 2, away from the DRS deployment zone.  Great scraps.  And then we had Webbo stuck without KERS while still carrying the weight around the track, fighting with Kobayashi throughout the lap and then being seriously punished on the start-finish straight with Kobayashi able to use both KERS and DRS to whizz by.

Webbo though, managed to show that for all that he was still able to fight hard around the rest of the lap.  That just illustrates that a competitive car can overtake without all of the fakery once the track design is right.

Kobayashi is another example.  Fight of the Day? Kobayashi and Michael Schumacher, pass and repass for position (and not reliant on the DRS).  If there's one thing that we seem to be able to guarantee its that Kamui will make a committed attempt to overtake or hold position during the course of a race.

I thought it was a great result for Button and for Heidfeld, both of whom drove mature races, Heidfeld certainly takes Start of the Day with a massive jump from 6th to 2nd, and then bringing the car home in third.

I'm afraid I'm just not a fan of the DRS, not to mind KERS,  One, it would appear, has been introduced to cancel out the other.

The race was good, and I enjoyed it massively, but the overtaking into the first corner nagged at me all the way through the race and I thought it took away, considerably, from the quality of the overall package.