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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mercedes Fastest in the Pits

Much Kudos to Will Buxton on breaking the whole Mercedes Wheel Nut saga which I posted just before the Shanghai GP last week.

Now it appears that Mercedes has got the fastest pit stop in F1 so far this year!

Germany's Auto Motor und Sport analysed all of the track data and found that Mercedes' average race pitstop time in 2011 is 22.301 secs, 0.08secs faster than McLaren, while Red Bull's time is 22.589 seconds, slower by nearly three tenths.

Ferrari and Williams are way down the list in 7th and 8th at their stops with an average time of 23.739 & 23.810 respectively.  Hispania really suck at pitstops - shaving time off here may help get them ahead of Virgin and Lotus in the races.

Team Stops Av.Pit Time
Mercedes 14  22,301 s
McLaren 17  22,383 s
Red Bull 17  22,589 s
Sauber 10  23,067 s
Force India 14  23,340 s
Renault 14  23,615 s
Ferrari 17  23,739 s
Williams 8  23,810 s
Toro Rosso 12  23,960 s
Lotus 10  24,220 s
Virgin 12  24,944 s
Hispania 5  25,676 s