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Friday, April 8, 2011

F1 Race Archive and Widget

I know they've been around for a couple of weeks but I've been trying to improve the Blog, to improve access to those who are reading it, and to keep people informed when I put something new up.  To that extent I created a widget which you can get and keep on your site/page/whatever and which, I presume, will update automatically - it does for me!

The other thing is the F1 Archive page which I hope to add to once a week.  Every time I find a full race on youtube - in however many parts - I'll link it onto this page for my (and your) viewing pleasure.  Hopefully it will build into a good Historical F1 Race archive - showing the great drivers in all their glory.

However, I may have to discontinue it if it starts impacting too much on the load time for the page.  I'm already looking at the Murray moments on the home page and wondering...