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Friday, March 11, 2011

Ron Denis Banned from Driving

Not really an F1 news story as such, but it is quite funny that Ron has been banned from driving for 6 months having gotten 12 penalty points on his licence.

the Interesting thing is that he said that he jumped the lights - triggering the final 3 points which brought him to 12 and an automatic ban - in order to avoid a collision.  That's either great driving or a poor excuse.

I can sympathise with that position though as years ago I was stopped at a set of pedestrian traffic lights allowing people to cross the road when I heard the squeal of tyres behind me.  I looked in my rear view mirror to see a black Mercedes (It wasn't Ron) skidding towards me at a rate of knots with the driver desperately trying to avoid rear ending me.  Because there were pedestrians crossing the road I couldn't jump the lights to avoid the accident so instead I put on the handbrake and stood on the brake pedal in the hope that when he finally hit me he wouldn't push my little Mitsubishi into the pedestrian traffic.

I just remember this second of silence where it seemed like he had managed to stop - then the equivalent impact of a tank crushing an ant.

I've changed my mind - I believe Ron's story.  At least he has enough money that he can afford a chauffeur!