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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jordan F1 Debut

Thanks to Adam Cooper for reminding me.

Can you believe it? Jordan Grand Prix made their debut 20 years ago today in Phoenix.  The 7UP Jordan!The prettiest F1 car ever! (I know, Personal opinion - but it is my Blog so I guess you'll have to indulge me).  Look at me gushing like the proud parent - An Irish F1 Team, An Irish Owner, and a very pretty
machine with bags of potential.  Thanks for everything Eddie!  I was lucky enough to meet the great man at Spa last season - enough time for a "how are ye boys?" and he was off with his mates.

(Apologies to the photographer for the lack of accreditation but I couldn't source the copyright holder of the above shot.  If they contact me I will be happy to rectify the situation asap) I couldn't help myself, I had to show it!

AND, Can you believe it - Michael Schumacher Debut - Spa 1991 - in the above Jordan.  Qualifies 7th - Race DNF (burns the clutch at the start if my memory serves?).

Schumi - 20 years in F1 this year - how time flies eh? I remember him as a fresh faced kid looking to rule the track.  He seemed like a pretty good prospect.  I wonder where he is now...?