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Monday, March 7, 2011

McLaren need Team Harmony!

The title says it all really.  This is once again a little rant about the Pirelli tyres ongoing saga and how it has been received in the McLaren Team.

I've said before that Jense has been strangely silent on this topic and presume it's because he's quietly confident that his driving style will allow him to manage his tyres better than the majority of the field.

Lewis has said that he has issues with the tyres apparently stating it was "like driving an out-lap, very slow and not particularly exciting. It lasted a little bit longer but it didn't feel like I was really racing the car." (quoted in Autosport).  He had another go on a dutch website ( which sounded like a bit of a whinge (based on the Google Translator) apparently saying it didn't feel like as much of a challenge.  Advice Lewis? The challenge may well be knowing when to charge and when to drive smoothly to conserve tyres (something you may have had a problem with in the past).  No whinging this year Lewis get on with the job (best job ever too!!!).

But Martin Whitmarsh, Chief Bottlewasher at McLaren and FOTA has defended Pirelli saying that "The drivers and teams should perhaps be more careful in their expressions" . Having made the point that what FOTA wanted was higher degradation and that it's easy to step into the car and complain he stated that:  "The job of tyre supplier is a thankless one, as the higher wear is a feature that was requested to make the show better." 

Perhaps he should do a swap - Lewis for Vettel - as Sebastian came out with guarded support for the tyres saying:  "I think one stop is impossible and at this stage also two stops, so I think it will be a three or four-stop race. I think it will make it very interesting."

Harmony at McLaren might be better served with two drivers singing from the same Corporate hymn-sheet.