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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lewis flys too close to the Sun

Having raised the spectre of Hamilton leaving McLaren and pointing out that it might be in his best interests to keep his opinions to himself a little more it seems that he's done just the opposite.

Simon Fuller must be working on the principle that more exposure means more money but without considering that F1 is a very knowledgeable community and a very small one.

Having slagged McLaren in the Daily Mail he's now retracted slightly on that but had a go at Red Bull Racing saying:

"Red Bull are not a manufacturer, they are a drinks company. It's a drinks company versus McLaren/Ferrari history. I don't know what their plan is. Our team is building to become a bigger manufacturer, like Ferrari, and I can only see our team being there for a ridiculous amount of time. It is a pure-bred racing team."

I think we can say that one (very lucrative) door has now shut very firmly in his face.

It's really quite funny to think that Dietrich Mateschitz would spend the money he has to poach Adrian "GOD" Newey and Geoff Willis and pay Vettel and Webbo were he not serious in his desire to break the stranglehold of Ferrari and McLaren.

Top teams rise and fall and rise again.  Williams (we hope again this year) has a long and distinguised history in the sport and controlled the game in the early 90's, McLaren and Ferrari emerged from the ashes of Benetton's victory, Renault made good, Mercedese have a venerable presence but there's nothing like new blood.

Red Bull is a drink Lewis - a very powerful drink that gives you wings - Red Bull Racing is a Constructor with Mr. Newey creating a winning machine.  It's time to hide under the table until Melbourne, turn off your phone, disconnect the electronics, and pull the duvet over your head.  You can't do any more damage to yourself from there (unless your manager decides you need more exposure!)