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Monday, March 7, 2011

F1B twitter chat

Looking at the Formula1blog (F1B) this morning I came across this little gem - a twitter chat on the topics set out below:

I'm not a tweeter - unfortunately in this case - but I thought I'd comment on the questions on the F1B site.  I was so pleased with my answers that I copied them back here. (Italics are F1B quotes)

Here are the hot topics for this week:

Is F1 on the edge of ruin?
1.  F1 is not on the edge of ruin It just gets better and better - other than Bahrain last year (obviously)

To you, what needs to be changed? Or are you happy with the evolution of the sport?
2.  A level of continuity is needed to ensure that aero design and mechanical packages reach their optimum potential - Continuity leads to closer racing as it allows the less well funded teams to close the gap over the course of 4-5 years.  The drivers are then the main difference and we get the best drivers fighting for position in relatively equal packages.

Would you welcome artificial rain?
3.  Yes - on an irregular basis at boring tracks like Bahrain/Valencia etc. certainly not at every race but the option of having a wet race once every 3/4/5 years at very boring circuits would bring a certain excitement to those tracks - You could even throw Barcelona in there given that it's such a technical track which does not encourage overtaking (and the teams have so much data from testing).

Do you anticipate 2011 to be as close and exciting as 2010? Or will we see more one- or two-team dominance? Weighted advantages? Several teams literally left in the dust?
4.  2011 will probably have two dominant teams in terms of speed and handling given that it's the first year with some continuity.  It seems to take 3 or 4 years to give other teams a chance to catch up.  The exciting thing about this year would appear to be the level of tyre degradation being experienced.  I think this year may well favour the smoother drivers who might be able to wring enough extra laps to make one less pitstop!  (Here's hoping)

What about 2013?
5.  As above, if the continuity is there and there are no massive rule changes it may well be that 2013 is a classic season - 2012 should see a closing up of the field with maybe two other teams joining the two dominant teams from 2011.  It'd be great if one of those was Williams - more likely to be Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari, and Mercedes (as long as they keep Ross B.)

And finally, I’ll claim the hot seat for the week and ask: am I right about NASCAR?
6. Nascar - I'll bow to your expertise on that one - I've never found it massively exciting myself.

Join us ( for the conversation on Twitter Monday (7th March) at 4 p.m. Eastern US, 9 p.m. UK. Follow @F1Chat for updates throughout the day and questions during the chat, and use the hashtag #F1Chat to follow and participate in the conversation.

I'm rather pleased with my answers but I'm always happy to be embarrassingly wrong should anyone feel any differently.  If you get the chance and are a tweeter join in the above chat - no doubt, being in live time, there'll be all kinds of differences of opinion - do we call that "healthy debate", "handbags at dawn", or "too many cooks"? Not knowing the ins and outs of twitter I'll reserve comment.