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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rain on the F1 Parade

I see Bernie has been talking about providing wet tracks on demand during races.  I like the idea.  I remember when Circuit Paul Ricard was given its facelift a few years ago.  One of the upgrades, I believe, was the ability to wet the track for the purpose of testing.

When I saw what they'd done there I was amazed that there was no discussion at that time about bringing F1 testing and Maybe even a race to the circuit.

I thought that the ability to wet the track at will might be incorporated into some of the other race tracks.

The idea of giving teams a two minute notice seems a bit daft.  What I'd suggest is that it be done without warning but that it would begin offline at the start finish straight and work its way around the track from that point.

Gradual wetting or deluge would be a matter for the track officials in discussion with Charlie Whiting.

Actually, Scrap that idea.  We have enough tracks which are susceptible to rain: perhaps we should only bring this kind of idea to tracks which have a history of being boring - like Bahrain or Valencia - Modern Tilke designs (just 'cos this criticism is doing the rounds!).