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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random HRT

Colin Kolles from HRT said that they'd be happy with only 10 teams on the grid?  With a comment like that you'd expect that he was looking for HRT to get offered an exit strategy, or that he didn't expect they would qualify for the grid anyway under the 107% rule - but NO.  Kolles would appear to be of the impression that "others are more desperate than we are to be honest with you." This about a car that has not yet taken to the testing track, with two drivers who have not managed to sit in the cockpit other than to get their seats designed; one of whom has not raced in F1 for 5 years and the other who needs to start pulling his trousers on like all the rest of us.

Sorry ColKolle, but I'm backing you for the back of the grid along with the Branson Bunch.  Perhaps HRT really does stand for Hormone Replacement Therapy after all.