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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Indycar's Lottery Grid Idea for F1

There's been a lot of comment in respect of how to improve F1 over the years and I include the matters referred to recently in respect of "Wet" races along with the Kers system, rear wings, etc.  The F1 boards have been full of this Indycar idea for a lottery grid - most of them ridiculing the idea, a position which I would also adopt.

Having said that (and correct me if I'm wrong) an idea was launched a few years ago which I thought wasn't too bad, but nothing came from it.  If I remember correctly the idea was that each driver on the grid would get to drive for each team on the grid throughout the season - effectively we'd be talking about a pool of F1 drivers each getting to drive each constructor's car twice in the season.

The upshot would, on the current grid, see Vettel driving a HRT, Webbo in a Force India, Alonso in a Virgin, Karthikeyan in a McLaren, d’Ambrosio in a Red Bull, and Kobayashi in a Ferrari.  I like the idea as a spectacle - the best constructor should still win through at the end of the season, while all the drivers would be racing on a relatively equal platform (relatively speaking because of the suitability of different cars to different tracks).  What do you think - is the idea idiotic or does it have some merit?