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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's in it for Sauber?

I've been racking my brain for the last couple of days since reading the news about the Sauber/Chelsea FC "partnership".  I'm sure there must be something particularly humourous which would link Roman Abramovich, Chelsea, Peter Sauber, and Sauber F1 but apart from sideways cracks (referring to the the fact that Abramovich will have to watch the Monaco GP through a powerful telescope because he can't get his enormous private yacht/ship into the harbour or something about how the only link between the two is their shared use of a particular Swiss bank) I'm afraid that so far the particularly amusing pun or link has eluded me. I'll find one eventually (when it's too late to use it)

On a more serious note I'm wondering what Sauber get out of this deal. Partnership - Blah, blah, blah - my backside.
As they said in their news section on the Sauber Website:

Both partners will support each other by featuring the other partner’s logo and thus benefit from a significant market presence outside their original sport. Chelsea FC will present the Sauber F1 Team logo at home matches on advertising boards at the stadium and on interview walls. Conversely, the football club benefits from Formula One’s television reach which, compared with the Premier League, is much higher and more international. Particularly in Asia Formula One enjoys enormous TV presence and, not least thanks to Sergio Pérez, is currently captivating more and more fans in Latin America as well.  Accordingly, the combination of both platforms at the sponsoring level is highly attractive especially for international brands. In addition, existing sponsors of both partners profit from joint events.

No talk of Chelsea having had to pay for the privilege of getting their crest onto the Sauber car even though F1 has a much larger TV audience.

I can't think that exposure for Sauber of advertising boards at matches will increase sales of merchandise to any great extent - maybe I'm wrong.

I've just never seen or heard of an F1 team advertising itself anywhere outside the motor trade.  The cars and drivers are used in advertising campaigns relating to their sponsors but I'm not aware of any advertising of an F1 team.

Maybe I'm wrong and if I am will someone please help me out and bring it to my attention.  This "partnership" just seems to be weighted quite heavily in favour of Chelsea FC.