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Friday, May 18, 2012

Pirelli on the burning tyre question

Jonathan Noble has interviewed Paul Hembrey of Pirelli for Autosport in relation to the influence of the tyres.  Another non-story because of course Pirelli are going to say that their tyres are not having too much influence on the sport.  but it's always interesting to see them say that and then come out and say that yes, they are having a huge influence, I quote the article:

And I think the vast majority of fans will be pleased to see exciting races. Anyone who begrudges [Pastor] Maldonado's win in Spain with Williams is someone who needs to get out a bit more, because the whole paddock was delighted. I think for a lot of people's views, that is what they want to see."
Hembery thinks that F1 delivering race-winning opportunities to teams like Williams is great news, and can have positive commercial implications for the sport.
"There are a lot of teams here who have to find budgets, find sponsors and justify their presence in F1, and if they do get the profile then that is great. Spain was an excellent win for Williams, but we saw Sauber getting a great result in Malaysia and we saw Paul di Resta have a good race in Bahrain with Force India.
"These are all aspects that are important for all these teams"

The fact is Paul, that the sport is not about making the racing closer in order that every team can get more money from the sponsors, it's about the teams building cars that can compete at the front and thereby, due to the results achieved from their hard work, gain more sponsors.  It's not F1 delivering race-winning opportunities to the smaller teams its the tyres!

Faking it to create a commercial spectacle? - let's leave that to wrestling shall we?