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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Michael Schumacher defended by Ross Brawn

Welcome back to Ross Brawn after his illness.  I for one am delighted to see him back, not just for his technical ability and his knowledge of the car but also because he is genial, knowledgeable, and frank in the majority of the interviews he gives.  He's a man who tells it like it is and generally tells it to us the listeners, in language which we can understand, a quality which I have found to be rare in Tech Experts (actually in people from all areas of expertise).  Simple language plainly spoken that's Ross.

You're all wondering about the point of the foregoing "Love Ross" paragraph well it's in the title.  We all know that the web press have been writing that Michael is under pressure from Mercedes to perform and in this blog I wrote that maybe it's not Michael who needs to be performing, maybe Mercedes need to up their game or he'll decide that they're not doing His racing legacy any favours and retire.

Ross has said exactly the same thing to Bild:

"A lot has been said and written, but we should not forget that we - the team - have let him down in three of the fives races, not delivering the job we should have. We must do better. We saw Michael's real quality again in the first race, so it's for that reason that I believe we will see him on the podium this year."

In Malaysia he was hit by Grosjean forcing his retirement.  So in 4 out of 5 races he has retired for something which is not his fault.  One cock-up in Spain is allowed.