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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Massa not so much criticised as scrutinised

How quickly do the stories begin to emerge once we reach the European shores? Three stories in one blog in one day simply in order to give some idea of where F1 2012 is after the events in Spain.

  1. Ferrari put the pressure on Massa to perform,
  2. Mercedes put the pressure on Schumi to finish a race, and
  3. McLaren offer to bankroll Williams in Monaco.

For Massa the pressure comes from a relatively innocuous story on the Ferrari Website.  It's only mentioned in a couple of lines but has made itself felt Webwide over the course of yesterday:

As for an analysis of the Scuderia’s performance and its two drivers, Fernando has always maintained a very high level (67 points and second place in 2010, 51 and fifth place last year) while Felipe’s drop off has made itself felt. The Brazilian had picked up 49 points two years ago and 24 the following year, while so far this season he has just 2.

The statement is clear "Nadgers" is performing but you aren't Felipe.  It's time to get the finger out before we decide another course of action must be taken.  Some of the Web stories are pointing to the fact that Adrian Sutil was present in Barcelona and are linking that to the above Ferrari statement - that link is tenuous but surprising - I'd think that Sutil (were he to come back) would be more likely to take over from Karthikeyan rather than take a seat in the Red Car, However the Ferrari statement goes on to say that they expect greater things from Felipe in Monaco "his second home race":

In Montmelo, Felipe was very unlucky, both in the race and in qualifying, but everyone, he more than anyone, is expecting a change of gear starting right away with the Monaco Grand Prix, his second home race, given that he lives just a few hundred metres from what, as from next Sunday, will be transformed into the paddock for the sixth round of the 2012 championship.

Could the Ferrari meaning be any clearer?