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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alternative Championships

Given my opposition to Bahrain I decided to treat it as a non-championship event like the F2 days of old.  As such I've decided to do my own championship points tally without taking account of Bahrain.  It makes interesting reading both on Constructor's and Driver's Titles

McLaren lead the way in the Constructor's with 94 points, 22 ahead of Red Bull on 72, with Ferrari on 55, Lotus on 51, Williams on 43, Sauber 41 and Mercedes on 32.  Force India on 10 and Toro Rosso on 6 make up the other points scorers.

What emerges is a picture of 5 distinct groups, McLaren/Red Bull, Ferrari on its own, Lotus/Williams/Sauber/Mercedes all together, Force India/Toro Rosso fighting over scraps and the backmarkers.

In the Driver's championship the picture is more like business as usual with Ferrari & Alonso leading the way from Hamilton and Jenson in the McLarens, Webbo and Seb in the RBR's, Kimi, Nico, Maldonado & Perez courtesy of their 1st and 2nd, Grosjean in the other Lotus and Kamui in the other Sauber make up the top 11.

If Massa and Schumi were scoring points there's no doubt that Ferrari would be leading the pack with McLaren and likely Mercedes behind them, leaving Red Bull in a scrap with Lotus for 4th.  It shows how important to the team the second driver is.

Red Bull and McLaren are showing strongly simply due to the fact that both drivers are, relatively speaking, on a par with each other.