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Monday, May 28, 2012

Conor Daly GP3 crash: Speaking of safety!

Once again off topic but related by way of Monaco.  This is the video of Conor Daly, son of Derek Daly, who nearly climbed through the barrier fencing at Monaco having taken off over the back of Suranovich.

 Not a pretty sight at all but thankfully everyone was alright particularly the driver and the Marshals who were very cool under what was a very tense situation.

The question has been asked as to whether the fencing would have withstood an F1 car in a similar crash?  It certainly took a pounding but, given the history of F1 and Monaco Harbour I'd be reviewing the safety of this section of the track (that's if they don't cancel it altogether).  The way the wheel and carbon fibre exploded through and above the fencing shows there are still crowd safety issues to be addressed in F1.

As for Suranovich, the car in front, he should not have been racing without his rear wing and he certainly should not have been attempting to defend his position. Driver's Fault or Team's Fault this is the kind of driving that needs to be addressed.