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Friday, May 4, 2012

Ferrari/Webbo? Not with Kubica Racing Again!

Look, everyone is taking credit within webland for the first indication of the Nadgers Alonso/Mark Webbo Ferrari connection.

I see Joe Saward has brought it back to June last year based on his inside knowledge and the friendship that the two drivers have.

I'm staking my claim at being first with my March 15th pre-season musings from last year.  However I will accept that I discounted the partnership on May 16th 2011 on the basis that Webbo would not want to come up short against another World Champion.  I think his friendship will just make any such comparison even more difficult. At that time I flagged Kubica as the next Ferrari driver alongside Alonso, or in his absence one of four Rosberg/Vettel (for a chunk of change)/Webbo/Button.  I accepted Button is happy to stay where he is, Webbo wouldn't go for the reason set out above, Vettel is likely to consolidate his No.1 position at RBR, which leaves Nico or Kubica.

Regardless of the Ferrari Dream ,Webbo is in a good place at the moment and if I were him (and I am!! - only joshing) I'd be targeting Mercedes next year with Schumi likely to finally decide to bow out if he gets a couple of good results this year.  Nico is likely to consolidate with Mercedes and Webbo would bring a good and experienced brain to the operation to complement him.

Kubica, however, remains hovering in the shadows.  Not much has been said about his recovery recently but any such recovery would give Lotus a massive headache for next year with Grosjean and Raikkonen showing strongly in the early part of the season. a trip to Maranello might be just what the Doctor ordered.

Kubica has been driving karts and his rally car apparently.  I bring you this video from youtube (so obviously I don't bring you this video I'm just passing it on!) which allegedly shows him driving his Clio S1600 in a test on April 7th In Northern Italy.  It was reported that he completed 30 runs in the car.

Talk about getting back on the horse!

All I can say is Grande Cojones Roberto now that you've gotten back on the horse let's get Prancing (Chuckle chuckle - enjoyed that)