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Monday, May 21, 2012

Robert Kubica crash update

It's reported today around the web that Roger Benoit, veteran F1 Reporter, has said the following in Switzerland's Blick Newpaper in relation to Kubica's chances of an F1 return:

"The fans of Kubica remain faithful to Robert. At every race track we see posters. But since the Accident in February 2011 the Pole has become quiet. Why has the talking stopped? Because – unfortunately – a comeback is nearly impossible".

If it were true it would be a sad day for F1.  Having seen the video of him driving a rally car around Northern Italy I would hope that the talking has stopped and the driving has begun! I expect that Roger has made the statement in order to elicit some further news with regard to Kubica's health.  Robert lives in Monte Carlo, only a couple of blocks from the racetrack I hope we see him in the paddock next weekend.