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Thursday, February 16, 2012

On the half-witted ravings of a man imitating an ostrich!

(Groucho) Marko finally agrees with me!

Last year, in June, Helmut, was all over Algie and Sebuemi like the proverbial rash.  At that stage, with the rumour mill in full flow, he was saying that if Webbo retired he'd expect Jaime or Sebastian to be in the RBR seat for 2012.

Now he's told La Gazzetta dello Sport that while both drivers were good enough to compete in Formula One, they weren't good enough for either Red Bull or Toro Rosso.

I said that at the time Groucho - I said you were losing your marbles. I said then that:

"Buemi and Alguersuari have never shown any particular talent which would lead us to believe they should be in a top four team.  Don't get me wrong, the guys are OK, but if they're all that the Red Bull FDaD scheme can produce (Find Deitrich another Driver - pronounced eFFdad funnily enough) then the Red Bull Team's future is in doubt...Great drivers make the most of their cars and their teams to do whatever can be done to get the best achieveable result - this often results in the drivers actually making the cars look better than they actually are.  Persistence, skill, a strong team ethic, talent, fitness, flair, aptitude, ability, skill, talent, flair - did I mention talent?"

And what has Marko done for the two lads?  Given them expectations above their station if Algie is to be believed.

Algie has said that he had talks with Williams and HRT but that he wouldn't go to Williams because he will never pay to drive and wouldn't go to HRT because they're not good enough for him, i.e. not far enough up the grid to compete.  I have news for you Algie - your ex-boss says you're not good enough for a second class Red Bull, i.e. you're not good enough to compete in the midfield! Swallow the pride, take any seat you can find (pay for it if you have to), beat your teammate, make the car look better than it is, make me swallow my words from last year and show Groucho both fingers.