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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who Nose?

Caterham made a big deal about their nose - even the website pics of the new car appear to linger over it in a slightly unhealthy way.

 Looking along the nose
Copyright: Caterham

Mike Gascoyne, Chief Tech, wibbled on about it at the launch saying that he expected a lot of teams to come to the same solution as themselves.

Have they reached an innovative solution or is it all a blind designed to waste the time of other teams tech staff?

It could be a design that they came up with and then discarded as unworkable but decided to launch simply to put a question in the minds of others.  That would be fun!

Or, it could be ground breaking in the simplicity of the origin of it's design - picture the tech meeting

"Mike:        The new rules say we've got to lower the nose for 2012 any suggestions?

Tea-boy:     How about keeping the rest of the car and just building a step to accommodate the new regs!

Mike:          That's so simple that it might just work! I like your thinking!"