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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let's Go 2012

I'm going to Silverstone this year - a birthday pressie from my best mate (though any mate who gives you GP tickets as a pressie is at least elevated to the ranks of "very good").  Last year we went to Spa and, while he didn't lose his shirt, everything else was nicked on Friday night from the tent.  A valuable lesson of which he will be aware come July.

I've been to Silverstone for testing - remember testing - and have great memories of the track, the pits and the paddock, as well as the accessibility to the drivers.  Backstage passes are always cherished but I think they'll be outside the boundaries of my circle of influence (Not to mind the paypacket).

No Worries - I'm well happy with GA and look forward to seeing the new layout in the flesh (so to speak).

I won't get to see all of the races live this year, unless someone can persuade Sky to make it free to air, so it'll be highlights only for at least half.  I haven't looked at which races are live on the Beeb so can't grumble too much yet.  But those of you who've been reading my rants last year know how I feel about the whole bad business.

To Luca (who is an avid reader of this Blog) and to all may it be a great season, with great Tam ratings everywhere but the UK and Ireland, and may we see all of the races on BBC next season.

Martin B - I'm afraid I had to relegate you on my twitter widget - I understand your desire but, unfortunately, as I'm not using sky sports you are falling off my radar too.