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Friday, February 3, 2012

Mike Gascoyne Spot on!!

By all that's holy I'm in a position where I have to kowtow to Mike Gascoyne in a serious way.  His belief that a lot of teams would be stepping their nose was absolutely right.  Both Ferrari and Sahara Force India have followed where Caterham lead.  Unfortunately, due to Force India's clearly stated policy with regard to the use of their photo's I'm not currently in a position to show you their new car without clearly breaching copyright.  I would have thought that they could use the publicity generated by showing the new car with sponsors intact but...

Anyway, no such problem at the HQ of the Prancing Horse and so here is the stepped nose 2012 Ferrari in all of its, debatable, glory.

All images Ferrari Copyright

The four unveilings all feel a little bit like evolution rather than revolution - particularly the nose solution - as if it's been tacked on as a compliance measure rather than as an integrated element of the overall car.  McLaren have avoided that look and have produced a pretty car (as always) but comments, by those who know a lot better than me, are suggesting that this too is simply an evolution - (they do have a pretty nose though!).  Let's see which approach is up for it in Melbourne!

Can't wait to see Adrian Newey's design - that might put a few noses out of joint (had to get the bad pun in somewhere).