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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OK everyone's got a rummy nose

I'm not impressed with the rules if this is what we get.  If F1 is going to get progressively uglier then the cars will require a complete redesign.  I WANT PRETTY. I don't want tacked on retrofitting of last years aero package with unwieldy elements I want smooth, sleek, gorgeous cars with ear-splitting engines working at maximum revs and cornering like they're on rails.

I'll even take a really ugly looking car that's been designed from the ground up to be fast - all angles and attitude - but designed as a single package not as a Tyrell sidepod winglet sprouting up mid-season in order to compensate for minimal downforce loss.

(I will give Tyrell this - their innovation even mid-season - was copied and copied all the way down the pitlane - but I'm pretty sure it was banned because it interfered with the look of the cars - in other words cos it was ugly!).