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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Helmut "Groucho" Marx(o) is (Animal) Crackers

Groucho, as I'm now going to affectionately call the good Doctor (mediocre ex-F1 Driver) would appear to be losing it.  It's either that or he's made it his life goal to flood the top echelons of the sport with other mediocre F1 drivers.

Apparently he's now saying that, should Webber retire (or not have his contract renewed!) he'd expect that Buemi or Alguersuari would move into the vacant Red Bull seat!

These are surely nothing but the half-witted ravings of a man imitating an ostrich.

He bases the idea on the basis that Vettel has done alright

But Groucho -
Vettel showed his talent when he was in the Toro Rosso
Webbo showed his ability when he was in the Minardi

Buemi and Alguersuari have never shown any particular talent which would lead us to believe they should be in a top four team.  Don't get me wrong, the guys are OK, but if they're all that the Red Bull FDaD scheme can produce (Find Deitrich another Driver - pronounced eFFdad funnily enough) then the Red Bull Team's future is in doubt.

Groucho is obviously of the opinion that a driver can be made great rather than just being great in the first instance and making the most of their innate talent.

Great drivers make the most of their cars and their teams to do whatever can be done to get the best achieveable result - this often results in the drivers actually making the cars look better than they actually are.  Persistence, skill, a strong team ethic, talent, fitness, flair, aptitude, ability, skill, talent, flair - did I mention talent?

Sorry Seb and Jaime but I'm of the opinion that you have to chances of getting into the sister team - none and Bob and let's face it Bob's dead! -Oh! two Hopes! Now I get it...

Welcome home Felipe have a blue and silver can of sugary goodness!