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Friday, June 24, 2011

Frree Practice 2

I was right about Vettel this morning - he was going around in Silverstone Spec.  16th in FP1 - that's gotta hurt!

He was right up the sharp end in FP2, in third place.  Nadgers was quickest for the third year running - the only driver to break the 1.38 mark.  Lewis was second and Schumi fourth.

4 different constructors could make for an interesting qualifying - if the times are relatively genuine.

Massa 5th, Button 6th, Webber 7th, Rosberg 8th - mirroring the constuctor's positions in the first four.

Can Schumi continue his rise out of retirement obscurity - if he keeps this up he'll be on the podium this weekend.

After Hulkenburg's crash on lap 8 this morning, Di Resta only got ten minutes on track and managed 7 laps without crashing.

Alguersuari spent the entire session in the pits with an engine fault.