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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lewis Hamilton takes Pole

I'd just forgotten how difficult it is to watch the GP weekends with nappy time, feeding time, and vomiting time all to deal with and my new daughter reminds me by throwing up for the first time just as Sebastian Vettel stops on track with an apparent problem.

Obviously Christian Horner played the incident down but I'm wondering just what is going to happen to Sebastian as a result of this.  reports are saying that Sebastian was told to stop the car so we shouldn't be surprised at a penalty.

If you remember Barcelona, Lewis Hamilton was stripped of Pole Position for stopping out on the track on his slowing down lap.  That had to do with fuel issues but I'm left wondering if, in order to spice things up in the championship, the Stewards will feel that Vettel must be penalized.

We'll await to hear what exactly the problem was and if a penalty will result which will see him drop from 3rd on the grid to a spot behind Fernando Alonso.

Alonso too is under investigation along with Grosjean over unsafe releases in the pitlane, which I missed, if it was shown on the Beeb.  The reports from Abu Dhabi have already concluded that Grosjean is at fault so there must be footage somewhere.

The other noteworthy result was another strong qualifying session from Pastor Maldonado who once again confirmed the unrealised potential of this years Williams.  The failure of the drivers to capitalise on this car must surely be one of the stories of the year. Definitely worthy of investigation.

As it stands the grid lines up as follows

1. Hamilton        2.Webber
3.Vettel             4. Maldonado
5. Raikkonen     6. Button
7. Alonso          8. Rosberg
9. Massa           10. Grosjean
11.Hulkenberg   12, Perez
13. Di Resta      14.Schumacher
15. Senna          16. Kobayashi
17. Ricciardo     18. Vergne
19.Kovalainen   20.Pic
21. Petrov         22.Glock
23.De La Rosa  24. Karthikeyan