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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Forget the Hype. Let's wait and see - COTA is a Tilke Circuit

Everyone's talking about the Austin Circuit. All the Journalists are asking Drivers: What are your impressions of the track? And the majority of drivers are responding as F1 politics dictates.

It's a daft question at the moment with the only driver to have turned a wheel on the completed track being Jerome D'Ambrosio.

Some of the others have been in the simulator and some may have played it on their XBox/PS3 etc. but, on this, the eve of F1's return to the US it is to be expected that everyone will play the positive PR card from beginning to end.

I, like everyone else I'm sure, have felt my excitement mounting ahead of the return of Formula 1 to the USA but now I'm beginning to feel nervous and cautious in equal measure.

Perez and Hamilton use words like "Fantastic" and "Amazing" to describe COTA
Courtesy of Sauber F1