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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Flogging a Prancing Horse: Alonso extends lead in Driver's Championship

I know that everyone is probably tired of this by now, as am I, but I have no choice with only two races to go but persist.

When I started the Alternative Driver's Championship which counted Bahrain as a non-championship event, little did I realise just how long the season would be.

However I've persisted, simply out of pure stubbornness, and I'm sure that Fernando will take cold comfort from the thought that, had Bahrain been boycotted by F1, he would be leading the championship by 9 points going into the final two races of the season rather than being behind by 10 points; Jenson would be buoyed by the news that he is only 8 points behind Lewis and 4th place, rather than 12 points behind Lewis in 5th; but of most interest would be the fact that Williams are only 13 points behind Force India for 7th place in the Constructor's Championship rather than the 22 points separating the teams in the official championship.

While Red Bull have sewn up the Constructor's title, it's all to play for in the Driver's Championship as we enter the Austin Arena for the first time.

How will the Circuit of the Americas affect the season standings? In the official Driver's championship it may well all be over after Austin, but even if Fernando goes out in Texas and Sebastian wins, the alternative title will still be on the table come Brazil.

It may be the only title left to fight for.