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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Valtteri Bottas reminds Frank Williams' he's still here

Autosport, and just about every other F1 site are reporting that Valtteri Bottas, William's third driver, has had a little snipe at the performance of the two racing drivers.

The basic story is that he reckons the car is much better than the results have shown and the team should have more points at this stage of the season than they do.

While his quote states "we've been really unlucky" I think that we can all read that as Pastor Maldonado has had a few too many avoidable accidents and Bruno Senna has not driven the car to its potential. Do I call that paraphrasing or interpreting?

I'm thinking that he's being quite intelligent with this little interview.  He knows that the two boys are bringing sponsorship in and, while the team are struggling to find sponsors this money is vital to improving team performance, but...

...the other side of this coin is that improved performance and a better position in the Constructor's and Driver's Championships will bring increased sponsorship opportunities and improved cashflow.

Bottas would appear to be telling Sir Frank and the team that now is the time to give him the seat which will provide the results and the resultant cash injection to make up for the loss of one of their paying drives.

With 9 races left is it time for Frank to consider this gamble, give the car to Valtteri and see if he can restore Williams to the top 5? in my - Bahrain championship they're only 42 points behind Mercedes in fifth.  Three good results from Bottas would put them within touching distance of the Mercs which have also not been achieving their potential.

In the Constructor's they're 60 points behind, not a gap that can't be closed before the end of the season.  Do you risk it and give Bottas his drive or do you play safe and hope that you have the car to put under him next year?

It's a tough call to make: Improved results guarantee increased income from TV and sponsorship but the income from Senna and Maldonado is guaranteed. It's a dilemma and one that I wouldn't like to have to make.