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Friday, August 31, 2012

Caterham's new sponsor is EADS?

Who the Heck?

This is Tony's Major new sponsor, The makers of Airbus (which is rather good)? The guys who make the EUROFIGHTER? a Plane which was given the dubious distinction of being "what is likely to be the last evolutionary step in the teen series (F-15, F-16, etc.) design philosophy" due to the fact that stealth technology was up and coming when it was being designed; the aircraft which the British taxpayer is paying its Government to tout around the world.

We don't know how much the deal is worth and, FP1 didn't give me a glimpse of their logo on the car, Caterham on Twitter logged the following twitpic.  If that's the extent of their sponsorship the money can't even be good enough to pay for Petrov for the year (and he makes no money from the team).

Captions on a postcard please:

I have to update this to make the point that EADS has sponsored the team over and above the thumbprint advertising shown above.  They are prominently displayed on the front wing and at the cockpit, in positions which are not massively publicity friendly, but Airbus is prominent on the side of the intake behind the driver.

Apologies Tony!, Still the twitpic posted to inform the world of EADS involvement underestimated their investment considerably.  My apology is sincere and heartfelt.  I hope your partnership gives the team further opportunities to close up to the midfield.