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Monday, August 27, 2012

Connew F1 - living the dream! Reprise

In July of last year I came across a site by Barry Boor, one of a very small group of people led by Peter Connew, who decided to build and race an F1 car.  The story served to illustrate the true spirit of F1, the indomitable spirit of those who have a dream and see it through to completion.  While the car itself did not do well it was the fact of as few guys putting their heart and soul into the project and bringing it from the dream to the racetrack.

I noticed that someone had looked at that post recently, which simply served to redirect anyone interested to Barry Boor's site, and wanting to re-familiarise myself with their story I decided to click through to my post and from there to the story.

The first thing I noticed was that the picture was no longer there.  I had said that I was going to ask him for permission and, when I finally managed to contact him he gave that permission to me.  I linked the picture to his site and now it is gone and the site would appear to have disappeared.  I finally tracked down the new location and have linked everything there, including the two links on this page.

Barry's story was in 6 parts and it was one hell of a tale, so, because I would hate for this fascinating personal story and history to get lost in the inter-ether I've put together a separate page on the Blog dedicated to telling Barry Boor's story, the story of Connew F1.

I would like to get his permission before I launch that page on my Blog.  Until then it shall remain in my saved pages, complete but not public.  The link to Barry's Site is

Barry Boor in Connew at Brands Hatch - printed with the permission of Barry Boor