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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Will Robert Kubica Test the Ferrari F10 later this Month?

If you remember, or even if you didn't know before, the Italian publication Omnicourse said in January that Kubica had signed a letter of intent with Ferrari to race for them in 2013 and that he would get behind the wheel of a Ferrari F10 fitted with the new 2014 1.6, turbocharged V6 engine, in June of this year.  They said that because the car was outside the test ban regulations it would allow him to put in the miles which would allow Robert to evaluate his progress without any pressure.

This idea was apparently based on everything going to plan and I see from that he's apparently recovering from elbow surgery on 25th May which they say was probably to put in a titanium element to stabilize it and make it more functional.

Given what he's been through so far this sounds like a pretty minor surgical intervention for him and I'm hoping that, if the Omnicourse story was correct, that we might hear of him blasting around Maranello in the near future.

Kubica testing a Ferrari would give credence to my May predictions for next season.