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Monday, June 25, 2012

Alonso in Valencia makes me eat my words

"I'm not a particular fan of Valencia as a circuit" was how I began a recent pre-GP post.  How a couple of days can make you change your mind.  The race had everything really, great overtaking from Alonso, more controversy with Maldonado/Hamilton, a great showing by Caterham which was predicted in Friday's Free Practice, Vettel and Grosjean retiring from the race with a less than bulletproof Renault engine, Schumi back on the podium.  All in all it made for great viewing.

I thought that the BBC had been given the short end of a particularly shitty stick when Valencia was pulled out of the hat as one of their 10 live races, and in any other year it would have been.  I guess they lucked in.  I just hope that Sky sports takes it next year when it reverts to its usual dismal self.

Great for Spain, Great for F1, Great for Alonso, Great for us.

So why should I go on about the majority of overtaking being courtesy of DRS and Tyres?  I won't - this time- even though it's true.

Lots of better stories to talk about, which I would hope to do over the next couple of days when I'll also update my (- Bahrain) championship leaderboards.

The Maldonado/Hamilton Crash will be the first to be tackled...