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Friday, June 15, 2012

Marussia Wants You!

I guess I'm unlikely to be chosen for this particular task given my recent assessment of Marussia as a team that should not be competing in F1.  This does not however take away from the fact that they are an F1 team and that I am in awe of their achievements in actually making it to the grid and competing at GP's.  I am in awe of every F1 team but, simply wish that the three guys at the rear would move a little closer and mix it up with the midfield.  Anyway, to use the word AWE again, this is a great opportunity for someone, other than me probably to win an awesome opportunity to work with Marussia at the British GP as a Social Media Driver.

What does this mean?

Well It's all explained in this little video:

You get to interview the drivers, the team, (un)restricted access to the Marussia pit/paddock? Tweet, Blog, describe the team, the atmosphere, ask all those difficult questions (like what's your 5 year goal?) and generally get wildly excited about spending the GP with a real F1 team.

Good luck and get your applications in.  I wish it was me, I wish it was me!

Does anyone know where can I get a pair or ruby slippers?