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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update to Lewis Outburst

In an update to yesterday's blogpost the Times is reporting that none of Lewis's management team were at Monaco on the weekend and therefore were unable to manage and monitor his media interviews.  I made the point before that Fuller is more of a celebrity manager and it would appear that this is the case if the Times story is correct.

F1 management gives full time attention to their drivers and thereby justify their exhorbitant fees. They are present at all of the races, testing, and PR events to ensure the wellbeing of their clients.  If your manager can't commit to that then it's time to get someone else.

Luckily for Hamo, his dad was on-hand to hand out some free and much needed advice which led to him apologising to the Stewards. Perhaps he should rethink his decision to fire his previous manager and leave Simon Fuller to his girlfriend.