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Monday, May 16, 2011

Open Letter to Luca di Montezemolo

I'm glad to see that Luca reads my blog (can I put a Prancing Horse up Luca? That would make me very happy).  We know he reads my blog because on CNN the evening after my story on Massa went up Luca Di Montezemolo stated that Massa has a contract to the end of 2012 season and would be alongside Alonso next year.

Luca, c'mon, we all know that if he wants to go you'll let him - and we also know that he needs to go in order to get himself into the right headspace to get back in the driver's championship game.  Ferrari are a great team - an evocative lineage and history in the sport - but sometimes a family atmosphere can be too constricting and can smother a driver's true potential.  Sometimes, Luca, you just have to let go in order to allow a driver to achieve his potential.

This is the case with Filipe.  He has shown true brilliance for you in the past and - let's call it true - won a Driver's Championship (but for the mate of a certain T. Glock), but since his injury in 2009 and subsequent comeback all of the joy has been handed to Alonso while Massa has been given the Barrichello Role ("Driver 1A" my backside!).  This is not a supporting driver (though neither was Barrichello until Ferrari) and a nice paycheck isn't going to give him the fresh perspective that he needs to clear his head and focus.

He needs to be out where he can show the world his talent - and that ain't gonna happen at Maranello.  Let him go to Mercedes in a straight swap for Nico (who'd love the opportunity to kick Nadger's pants on a regular basis) and watch him blossom.  Let's face it - beating Michael every race is enough to rekindle anyone's fire (should Michael stay next year).  Sorry Michael but it's true - that prospect might even be enough to tempt Mika Hakk back to the fold!!*

Luca - I trust Ferrari will do what's best for Ferrari, the drivers, and F1

*(I figure that since Luca reads me Michael might too)