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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coughlan Returns and Other Stuff...

Should we all rejoice and welcome back Mike Coughlan?  I'll be damned if I really know.  Everyone deserves a second chance I guess: so Welcome back to the Piranha Club Mike and best of luck with the future.

What I will say in his defence is that his position in 2007 was one of extreme pressure to suceed and in the F1 environment that means that any info you can get on your opponents gives you a head start at beating them.  In the light of that situation, where the information is available wouldn't you take it?

The McLaren did not incorporate any of the design elements of the Ferrari and as such the only true benefit which was gained related to the design approach of the Ferrari Team, and allegedly to pit stop strategies - valuable as a reference as to how to compete effectively against them but ultimately futile given the fact that Kimi won the World Driver's Championship, McLaren were disqualified from the Constructor's as a result of Spygate and, as a direct result, Ferrari won the Constructor's Championship easily.

Give Coughlan another chance?  Yeah go on.  It's all relatively normal behaviour in F1 - sometimes it seems that Bernie's policy is that it's all OK unless you get caught.