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Friday, May 20, 2011

Barrichello States the Bleeding Obvious/Free Practice

Rubens has decided to change tack this weekend - Normally a driver who is full of joy, optimism, and fun he has decided this week to plump for a role as Mr. Blunt, as the title says, Mr. State the Bleeding Obvious:

"We need to score points. There's too much pressure on all of us at the moment as a result of not scoring points so far this year and we need to break that trend. As well as our position in the constructors' championship, points are what motivate people. They are good for the guys in the factory; they are good for the guys in the pit garage; they are good for the drivers - they're good for everyone."

In other news Webbo topped the charts in both free practice sessions this morning.  He won here last year doing a back to back double with Monaco.  Vettel was second in the first session but in the Second, with all of the new upgrades in place (and obviously working to some extent) Lewis came within four tenths of Webbo's time, with Vettel third and Button fourth.

Alonso was fifth in the second session and 4th in the first with Nico and Schumi taking 6th and 7th for Mercedes in FP2.

On a lighter/darker note @adamcooperf1 posted a tweet about an hour ago which says: "Fernando Alonso not a big fan of the new hard tyre - didn't want to say what he thought about it... ".  Wonder how slow it is in comparison to the softer compound:  someone reckoned about 2 seconds a lap.  Don't know how to work a strategy on that kind of time loss.

Obviously I'd have retweeted this - but...I'm not on twitter.