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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Silverstone Sadness

I'd normally be jumping up and down with delight at the announcement that Silverstone are adding more grandstand areas to the circuit for the race could sense there was a but coming couldn't you?...but this year I'm heading over for the race on a General Admission ticket and I'm worried that the two grandstands are going to remove GA viewing areas at Luffield and along National Pits Straight.  Luffield grandstand is categorised as a Gold ticket while the Silverstone grandstand on the National Pits Straight will be Silver.

Now having expressed my little worry I'm wondering where they're going to put the two grandstands.  National Pits Straight is the start finish straight and Luffield is the last part of the old infield complex which comprises the hairpin and from there onto Woodcote.  Having been at the circuit for testing on a few of occasions back in the day I'm wondering if there's any space for new grandstands in those areas.  Luffield has a number of small viewing stands which I'm guessing they might redevelop but the pits straight is chockablock with Grandstands.

Not having been there since the redesign my major worry for the guys in the existing stands at Luffield is whether or not this new grandstand will obscure part of the existing view of the redesigned circuit.  Having paid my money I'm hoping that any new viewing area is sympathetic in location and design and doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of recession-hit fans (like me) or with those guys who've already paid a premium for a view of the circuit which might now be curtailed.