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Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Frank (Legend!)

I'm delighted for Sir Frank Williams today - not only for the reason that he's celebrating his 70th birthday, nor for the fact that the two young boys brought both cars home in the points on Sunday.  I think the overall performance so far this year is the best birthday present that could be given to him after last year's debacle.

Old blood out, new blood in, and the promise of continued success to come.  The team look as if they are there or thereabouts at the top of the midfield this year.  My sense of the season so far is that no team has shone through as utterly dominant, either at the front or in the midfield.  The early away races (i.e. not Europe) often flatter to deceive in the case of a number of teams and it is really the upgrade packages that come through on the return to Europe which provide the clearest picture as to who is where in the pack.

One team may emerge utterly dominant with several teams fighting for second and third respectively.

Williams have the opportunity to do just that should they continue to work hard at getting the package ready for the European circuits.  The basic speed appears to be there and they would have scored in all GP's so far if it hadn't been for a little bad luck on the last lap with Maldonado chasing 5th in Melbourne and retiring from 10th in Malaysia.  Sergio and Nico coming together then put Kamui and Kimi up the ladder into 6th and 7th giving both Sauber and Lotus Constructor's points which have flattered their actual lead over Williams.

A little bit of luck along with a lot of hard work can see Williams fighting for 3rd in the constructor's this year if Pastor Maldonado can show a bit of consistent form and if Bruno Senna can continue to impress.

I haven't been the greatest fan of either in their short histories in F1.  I don't think Senna impressed with Renault last year and I said that I didn't think Maldonado was a great driver - I'd like to be proven wrong. I have a lot of Gra (Irish for Love) for Williams and for Sir Frank and hope it all comes together to revitalise this magnificent team.

Unexplained resignations and the hiring of wives of Board members as development drivers are, hopefully just blips on the Williams radar and I look forward to great racing for the team come Barcelona in May.