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Friday, October 7, 2011

My Weekend

My weekend is set up for me by sport.

Tonight it's Rep of Ireland V Andorra in soccer; at the moment every Rep of Ireland match is approached with trepidation because you just can't help feeling that they raise and lower their game depending on their opposition.  I mean...Andorra are a team of semi-professional players so you would expect no problems, but... they did score against us the last time we met.

Tomorrow morning then I'm afraid I have to sacrifice Quali for the Rugby World Cup Quarter Finals between Ireland and Wales.  Quali starts at 6.00am our time but the Quarter Final kicks off at 6.30am so quali will have to be delayed until the match is over and Ireland are victorious!

Senna is out on DVD here today and, having watched it in the cinema I'll have to apologise to my wife but it's one to watch again and again.  It is so well put together and contains so many insights into him and the world of F1 that it will never grow old.

Then, obviously, Sunday morning I'm up with the Sun to gaze adoringly at Suzuka, to race the 130R flat out, and to rejoice in the spectacle, the theatre, and the drama of Japan for probably the last time.  I have to say that I hope Seb gets his championship here on Sunday.  How fitting would it be that this circuit, so often the scene of the final showdown, would see a World Driver's Champion crowned here in the year of such a disaster.

The motorracing mad Japanese deserve all of the best things to happen - to return to life after the struggles, anger and sadness of the past year - Keizoku wa chikara nari