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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Champion Crowned

Apologies to SebVet for not recognising his achievement earlier - I guess Murray took precedence in my head - probably because it is his second championship so obviously not quite as important to him!!
I have to say he has been massively impressive this season blowing away Webbo as well as the rest of the field.  It's a big contrast to last year where I thought (and hoped) that Webbo would achieve the chamionship.  His form was pretty close if not on par with Sebs and his Red Bull was the better of the two in terms of consistency.

This year he hasn't been at the races at all really.  Where Sebs car has been bulletproof all season he had problems with his KERS and his DRS at nearly all of the first six races after that it seemed to me that he had given up on the season - a shame after everything that he achieved last year.

Seb has driven superbly (though there are still little questions over his ability to race through the pack to a win) and has had the car underneath him to deliver the goods.  Newey has once again produced a sublime piece of machinery, a true world championhip car, and Seb has shown just how good it can be on track.

I just want to say congrats to him and to the Red Bull team and, on the relatively safe assumption that they win the constructor's Congrats to all of the engineers and R & D guys and of course to the kingmaker Mr. A.N. a knighthood can't be too far away.