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Friday, October 7, 2011

Equal Machinery - Who would win?

The constant speculation surrounding the question: "who is the best?" is one which is rarely answerable in any definitive way. You can talk about number of wins, number of pole positions, fastest laps, championships, etc. but the fact is that no matter who you are, it's likely that you've won the Driver's Championship thanks, in large part, to the fact you've got the best car in the field.

This is why commentators always say that your first job is to beat your teammate.

Still, that too is a bit of a misinformant when it comes to that ultimate question because luck, mistakes, and other outside factors always come into play over the course of a championship.

Look at Button/Hamilton this year, Jenson is ahead on points but then he's also been involved in fewer race ending collisions.  Lewis has had opportunities but has scuppered his own chance at success in a number of them.  But then you can point to Button's immense drive in Canada in changing conditions and, to cloudy the waters even more, his ability to slip past both Hamo and Schumi at Monza while Lewis got caught lap after lap after lap after lap...

Which of them is the best? for Speed probably Lewis, for Experience and Racecraft probably Jenson.  Over the course of a season it doesn't amount to much difference but in a championship winning car it's the difference between the title and none.

Vettel has the best car without a doubt and he is the best driver in the team with the best car...ergo the championship is his to lose. Put everyone in the Red Bull and the championship could go to one of many drivers: Hamo, Button, Alonso, Vettel, Schumi?, Rosberg?, Di Resta (Rookie of the Season so far)?, and maybe even the likes of Kamui, Sergio, et al.

The only thing that's sure is that the stars of today are the veterans of tomorrow and they'll be replaced with someone younger, faster, fitter, and more exciting.  Who's the best driver on the gird? Over a single qualifying lap - Old school with fresh soft rubber and fumes in the tank - it has to be Jarno Trulli!